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Who’s Your Hero?

My Hero is Jesus. He literally loved me, saved me, washed me, cleansed me, sanctified, justified, glorified, fills me and spends time with me. He is serving His Father (and ours) Whose plan will take place, because as we all know, God is in absolute control, He alone operates all things.

He also allows me to have quite a bit of fun, and imagination, regarding what He might be doing or has done. Realizing He is Spirit and probably not looking like any of these, here are a few paintings over the years that tell about my adventures with my Savior.



Below, in Prince of Peace, I was totally into my King Arthur and other warriors on horsebacks. The grandest and strongest of course, must be The Prince of Peace.


30"x36" - Oil - Prince of Peace
30″x36″ – Oil – Prince of Peace




Worshiping the Father. I loved painting this as a new believer. Jesus standing amidst the universe, praising His Father.


30"x36" - Oil - Worshiping the Father Throughout Time and Space
30″x36″ – Oil – Worshiping the Father Throughout Time and Space


My friend Wilbur died. It was very real that he was a seed planted, and his resurrection was certain. I painted this painting to remember the reality of resurrection and His return.


36" x 60" - Oil - He Shall Descend With a Shout
36″ x 60″ – Oil – He Shall Descend With a Shout


Be of Good Cheer – Jesus has overcome the world… In this painting, the pillars represent the church, there are many people making up the pillars. The golden sun represents the Father, the Source of Life to the Sun. Around the sun, and behind the figure representing Jesus, are myriads of angels pushing away the darkness. The gold breastplate represents His righteousness. The serpent… his mouth is filled with lies… there are gold coins, currencies, cities, (powers), the cathedral windows represent false world religions, then many people caught up within the system… Jesus is standing on the neck of the serpent. The serpent is defeated. I cannot remember what the Lily of the Valleys stand for, but all flowers have meanings. I’m sure this one seemed appropriate at the time.


I Have Overcome the World - 36"x24" - Oil & Gold Leaf
I Have Overcome the World – 36″x24″ – Oil & Gold Leaf


The God Who Breathes the Stars, of course, the creation story. The Creator of all, in the midst of speaking and breathing the creation into existence.


Close up of "The God Who Breathes the Stars", 36"x48", Oil
Close up of “The God Who Breathes the Stars”, 36″x48″, Oil


A watercolor about Jesus’ return… I cannot wait til He comes back.

img004 copy 10



The God of Peace, the Commander of the Universe, the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, … wants you… for Himself.

img004 copy 11

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