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What Am I Doing?

It is heading into the fall of the year. I love when the heat begins to lessen, and the colors mellow into restful hues. The tomatoes are bountiful, onions, cantaloup, squash – all coming to maturity. I have been busy processing food, sewing, and 31 watercolor paintings for a new book coming out soon, a children’s book about some of the common animals and plants in SW New Mexico. The book is titled “The Bunny Circle and The Raven Tree”. It will be available at within a month or so.

Sewing isn’t going so well. I’m not good at it, but I keep trying. I can make stuffed things using armatures and wing it, but to follow a dress pattern and having it turn out wearable is sometimes beyond me.

Some people on FB are hiding rocks around the city for people to find, and that sounded like fun, so I did collect some rocks. They are piled in my work area, looking at me.

My grandson was born. What an amazing & wonderful thing. I haven’t gotten to meet him yet, but I have seen photos and skyped. I don’t know as I have ever seen anything so beautiful (along with my own children, of course). What a wonder to love someone so much that you have never met. He just is. He is here… and he’s loved very much. Thinking about new life still coming into this world… God is good.

I am also working on a watercolor of a friend, and her son who recently passed. I don’t know if it will turn out well at this point, but it has some promise. It is partly in sharing her grief and partly in recognizing the joy she had in those past years with him. So thoughts about dying come to mind, and being in my 60s, the reality is stronger than when I was younger. I know there is future Hope, I know it is in Jesus. It’s the between here and there part that is sometimes difficult. But I am learning how faithful He is, even when we are just what we are.

The Mr. Floppysocks series of books has stopped at 3. The 4th never came to be. Mr. Floppysocks got new socks that don’t slide down, and the reality of farming for food set it, leaving it less like Narnia with the talking animals. If the Lord wills, there might be more.

My studio smells a little like lemon verbena. I dry herbs in here sometimes, for winter’s tea. I combine verbena, lavender flowers and chamomile for evenings; verbena, mint and green tea for days. Most days, however, there is nothing I like more than coffee.

My work is currently exhibited at The Seedboat Gallery in Silver City. I have not been very active in town, or at the gallery. Perhaps I will be reignited with great passion for painting the landscape or figuratives. Perhaps. For now, it is quieter.

MR. FLOPPYSOCKS IS LOVED, MR. FLOPPYSOCKS IS HAPPY, MR. FLOPPYSOCKS IS CONTENT! & EVERYBUNNY PRAISE THE LORD!  are offered through … and soon, THE BUNNY CIRCLE & THE RAVEN TREE will be available, if I can get things to work on the computer.



  • Mr Floppysocks is Loved original art from the book on display at Western Bank Silver City – February through May 2016
  • Americans in Afghanistan: A Tribute to Our Serving Military – Western Bank Silver City – May through September 2014
  • Cowboys – Chiricahua Gallery Rodeo New Mexico – Summer 2011
  • Cowboys – Western Bank Willcox Arizona – October 2010-March 2011
  • 4 person show at Seedboat Gallery Silver City – 2010
  • Display at Tucson International Airport Gallery – 2010
  • Meanwhile Back at the Ranch at Tohono Chul Gallery Tucson Arizona 2010
  • Cowboys – Western Bank Silver City New Mexico – 2009
  • Bucko’s – Rex Allen Days – Willcox Arizona 2009
  • Mimbres Region Arts Council Silver City – Print Project – 2009
  • Passing Through Seasons of Mid Life – Mimbres Region Featured Artist – 2008
  • Vanishing Species- Cowboys and Birds – Coronado Vineyard Willcox Arizona 2008
  • Branding On the Moon – Seedboat Gallery Silver City New Mexico 2008
  • Last Day in Paradise Gallery – Silver City New Mexico


  • MRAC Member’s Show, Las Cruces Museum of Fine Arts Show, Tohono Chul Tucson shows, Southwest Arizona Fine Arts Shows, Dos Barristas Coffee Gallery in Silver City, The Gila River Invitational, “Puppets”  and “Art Dolls” at Leyba Ingalls Gallery Invitationals, Blue Raven Gallery Tucson, Tubac Art Council “Human Elements” show, and others



  1. Jeff Jeff

    What a lovely place!

  2. Bonnie Duffey Bonnie Duffey

    I am wondering if you are my childhood friend from michigan. You moved to Colorado Springs to live with your dad.. I look at your paintings and am pretty convinced that you are one and the same..

    If you are my Jean, please contact me.


    • Hi Bonnie! How fun to hear from you. I have wondered about you! Wonderful 🙂

  3. Cassandra Sisneros Cassandra Sisneros

    Jean, what a blessing to enjoy your God-given work! It has inspired both my hubby and daughter. God bless you and Jeff. Cassandra (Tisler) Sisneros

    • Well hello Cassandra! How fun that you and your family took the time! God bless you too, and thank you so much!

  4. Wonderful colors and hues of life comes through in your post about what you are doing. The painting where one can be a westerner, its just so cute. I wish you all the best and lots of love in the works you do and life you live. Have fun dear… What a wonderful site.

  5. I followed you on Facebook but one quick question, how do I follow your website? I’d really like to.

    • Hello, I don’t have that yet for my web site itself, but I will look in to it. My site is available to follow through if you are a blogger there. I do not update often, however. Thank you.

      • Found how to follow you.. 🙂 Update when you feel like. I don’t come online as often either but I am trying to be as regular as I can. 🙂

        Have fun time. 🙂

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