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Go Ahead, Push the Button!

Me, do my own web site. Yah, when pigs can fly.

When Pigs Fly - Acrylic
When Pigs Fly – Acrylic

In an anonymous world of numbers and codes, the internet can seem inhumanly cold, providers and sellers aloof and impersonal, sometimes uncaring. For me, other than being a consumer or visiting on Facebook, it was an adventure into the great unknown, unimaginable, a place where they speak another language. If you’re not smart enough, trained enough or techy enough, it could be like running face on into a steel wall.

The world has changed, and even flowers and paintings can be seen and bought over the internet. The internet is all about people, sharing our lives, sharing what we do. Communicating on a level faster and more colorful than any before. But you have to learn the language if you want to offer something more. Normally, in my own world I smell flowers, paint nature, breathe air, sew and cook. Gentle things. Things without hard edges or left-brain demands.  I did not know web language, and you couldn’t just add another tablespoon of salt or paint another layer to do it. I had to learn a whole new world. I would have forsaken any thought of administrating my own web page, but a miracle happened.

I learned how to push a button. With the help of some amazingly smart people with an awesome amount of patience, I began to find the human side of the internet. And the Divine. I believe that unless God gives me grace to even try, I won’t make it very far. Suddenly, it began.

Finding a host for the web page was easy, as an old site I had closed down (at that point becoming my own administrator) was hosted by Dream Host. I never had any problems with them, their service was continuous and problem free.  I didn’t deal on that level anyway, I paid someone to do it for me. So, I had to learn what the host was for. They provided me with my own web address, secured a contract, and voila! I had my own web site.

There was an amazingly huge void of knowledge as to where to go from there. Cavernous, dark, echoing empty space waiting to be filled, and all I knew how to do is breathe…. and that seemed restricted, along with my brain. Wow, a two year contract, and no idea what to do, where to go or what things are called in order to ask for them.

I wanted to scream, and wondered what I got myself into.

Red - Water Media
Red – Water Media

It’s a good thing the story doesn’t stop there, isn’t it?

DreamHost provided me with over a page of web site designers, a part of their offering for hosting my site. Amazing. Amazing. All these different themes and complexity levels. When I asked what they would recommend for someone as new to web site exposure as myself, the tech person recommended Word Press. Well, I did look at most of Word Press’s beautiful offerings, found one that I liked, and couldn’t imagine what any of it meant. I thought their definition of “just push a button” and mine were very different. So in my normal graceful fashion, I wailed and cried, threw a few ink pens, failing utterly, wanting to quit. I emailed DreamHost, thinking I would abandon my efforts, maybe try something else. The tech advised me on how to do differently, but suggested that I try again with Word Press, that it was one of the more user friendly site designs. I appreciated that. A very human person going above and beyond what the service of the company is expected to offer, to help me. And help me it did. Another time, a man working with DreamHost, dug into his own personal experience with WordPress to offer me help, suggesting direction. Above and beyond. Human. Personal.

DreamHost, web hosting, virtual private servers with free domain registration. Above and beyond, great at what they do and patient with those of us who do not know. I would recommend these people to everybody. They professionally and *encouragingly* help make our web experience successful.

WordPress sites ARE user friendly, ingeniously designed for many purposes, and for the basic programs, free to those who use DreamHost as their host. I did switch to a new theme within WordPress’s offering, and as you can see, it is a beautiful site, and day by day I learn new things. My web page design is “Fifteen” offered by InkHive. Wow! Everything but the kitchen sink offered within this program, and I don’t know what too many of them are. What are plug-ins? URL’s? Shortcodes? SEO? It began reminding me of the US Military, with their labels, functions and sentences secreted behind a multitude of abbreviations. The language barrier peaked here. But, the design was so perfect, all I really had to do was “push a button”. The program itself led me step by step to a beautiful beginning. All I had to do was learn what those things are, what they are called, what they are for and again, voila! All these amazing functions are within the program. I cannot thank the people at InkHive enough for their timely responses and assistance. They do know what they are doing, and I am learning what they know…. well, a microscopic smidgeon. They did all the coding, the designing, engineering?, making it possible for someone like me to have a fabulous web site…. and feel like it’s mine. Praise the Lord! I am grateful for Grace from the Lord, and from humans.

So, thanks to wonderful PEOPLE like DreamHost , WordPress, and InkHive, I have a spectacular web site, learning something every day, and can offer something I CAN do, to the world. Just today I learned through InkHive’s gracious help, how to insert a *hyperlink*.  Go ahead! Push the button.


Art Doll - Offering What is Given to Us to the Rest of the World
Art Doll – Offering What is Given to Us to the Rest of the World

What our Father, the Creator of all things gives us, we can share.


  1. Jeff Jeff

    Well, aren’t you the hot dog now!

    I did notice a spelling error, sorry to tell you. A “site” got turned into a “sight” in the fourth paragraph.

    I like your colors and artwork.

    • Jeff, I agree with you. She is the hot dog now. Wow!! I’m impressed!

  2. I love it! Congratulations, Jean. It’s beautiful. The blogging terminology you mentioned can be overwhelming for sure. Welcome to Blogosphere

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