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“Unsealed By the Worthy Lamb”

“Unsealed By the Worthy Lamb” – 48″ x 36″ – Oil provoked much thought in me. It also took a long time because I stopped several times. But I think it was finished when it should have been. It’s my last painting of 2015.

The painting is finished. The idea came through, the images seem strong enough, the painting wasn’t painted as well as I would like, but it WAS painted as well as I could do it at this time.


"Unsealed By the Worthy Lamb" - 48"x36" - Oil
“Unsealed By the Worthy Lamb” – 48″x36″ – Oil


“Unsealed By the Worthy Lamb” depicts Revelation 6, and Matthew 24 corresponds. Deception, war, famine and death are 4 of the first 6 seals unsealed by the Lamb of God, Jesus, Who alone is worthy to release this. There is still the 7th seal to be unsealed. Behind the horsemen in the upper right is the light from the heavens, showing that the horsemen are coming from there, along with the souls of the martyrs crying out to God for vengeance. “How long…?”

Under the clouds is the earthly reality of the heavenly plagues. People deceived, laughing, oblivious to God and His coming judgments. Then wars come, the realization of horror, then famine, and ultimately, death. (The colors fade in the heavenlies as it approaches death, because death is weak. Death is our greatest weakness, Jesus’ resurrection life  in us is and will be our greatest strength.) Underneath death, people die, the moon turns to blood, the stars fall from the heavens.

I am relieved to have completed this piece. I am grateful I had grace to do it. There is some to be read in the previous post “The Horror of Love”.

Read Matthew 24 and Revelation 6. Read John and Romans. Read the entire New Testament. Call on Jesus.

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