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Seedboat Gallery

Display at Seedboat Gallery through February, 2017.

Above is the beautiful exhibit at the Seedboat Gallery in Silver City, along with a painting where you can put your face into it, and ride a wild pony.


Below is most of the current selection of my work represented by the Seedboat Gallery, 214 W. Yankee Street in the old downtown district of Silver City. Nan Spragens is the owner and the most available friendly knowledgable person. The gallery is beautiful, within the Silver City Arts and Cultural District, housed in a renovated warehouse originally built in 1911, providing a museum like setting for  visual artwork. I am very pleased to be represented by this exceptional gallery, and happy that there is a delightful coffee shop less than a half-block away. Yankee Creek Coffee Shop has great full service coffee, comfortable chairs and friendly environment. Nearby are other very nice galleries and restaurants. The web address is:



Dance of the Prickly Pear - 8"x16" - Oil
Dance of the Prickly Pear – 8″x16″ – Oil



Farmer Shoveling III - 18"x18" - Oil
Farmer Shoveling III – 18″x18″ – Oil



Farmer Shoveling II - 12"x16" - Oil
Farmer Shoveling II – 12″x16″ – Oil



Farmer Shoveling I - 12"x16" - Oil
Farmer Shoveling I – 12″x16″ – Oil



Soaring Swallows - 24"x12" - Oil
Soaring Swallows – 24″x12″ – Oil



Red Tailed Hawk II - 36"x36" - Oil
Red Tailed Hawk II – 36″x36″ – Oil



Vast Spaces - 36"x24" - Oil
Vast Spaces – 36″x24″ – Oil



Here We Loved - 36"x24" - Oil
Here We Loved – 36″x24″ – Oil



Cowboys in Tandem - 48"x60" - Oil
Cowboys in Tandem – 48″x60″ – Oil



Where'd He Go? - 36"x36" - Oil
Where’d He Go? – 36″x36″ – Oil



Happy Llamas - 8"x16" - Oil
Happy Llamas – 8″x16″ – Oil


  1. Leah Leah

    I love the overall feel of your paintings Jean! I can’t get over the hawk painting…they are all beautiful 🙂

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