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The Horror in Love

Here is a photo of a 10″x 6″ bottom portion detail of a 48″x36″ painting. This painting has to dry awhile before I can progress. The paint in an area not shown is becoming muddy. It isn’t drying as quickly because I wanted to use a nice oil in the darks and earth colors.

Through experience, however, there is a reason beyond the muddy paint for which we pause – it may be why the paint becomes muddy. We haven’t seen where we are going yet. We may not know what we are doing. There is more to be given to us.

While working on the four horsemen and Revelation 6 painting, I was somewhat understanding the horrors and the fascination of the end time events. Then in Revelation, I was to understand that only the Lamb of God was worthy to unleash these horrors onto mankind. Only Jesus is worthy to open these seals. He was slain for all. He resurrected for all. He accomplished all things, and all things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things. He lives. He is love.

Oh, there it is. He is Love, and all that He releases is born out of Love to an ultimate purpose and “end”. This end is only the beginning of a very long… the rest of time beyond time, ages of the ages and into eternity. And everything He does is out of His Love. And, I am recently convinced that His work is entirely efficacious, cannot be frustrated and is according to His desire.

While reading the Old Testament history books (and the rest of the OT and New Testament), I’m beginning to understand that God is in total charge of every event, every ruler, every destruction brought on to accomplish His purpose. He does not do anything out of any motivation other than Love. No, He does not seem to worry about hurting someone’s feelings. Yes, His Love does look different than the “love” that is sometimes expected in the worldliness of the times today. A small glimpse overwhelms me…

But, He alone is God. He alone is Love. He will cause all evil to result in good. Amen. We, through Grace, can bow down to Greatness. He alone is Worthy. Praise Him He is merciful.

So, while this painting is stopped, I’m beginning to see that I did not understand or translate that all this is coming out of an all-consuming Will for good, a Being that is pure Love. Deception, war, famine and death… proceeding out of Love, leading to All-Good.

I read that it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God, and that our God is a consuming Fire. Indeed, there is reason to tremble. There is also reason to rejoice. When we, the living sacrifices of God, are consumed by Him, He brings us into Himself. The Fire consumes in acceptance. Fire seems to fall when our God accepts the sacrifice. Discipline for the moment seems grievous, but yields the peaceable fruit of Righteousness. Those whom He loves, He disciplines. He fills. He lives.

It seems that Love sometimes uses horror to drive us Home.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” – Jesus, Matt. 11:28

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  1. Truly, all is out of him, through him, and for him. And he is love.

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