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The Sufferings of This Present Time

Sometimes we learn that the sufferings in our lives are given by our God toward the glory that will be revealed. Sometimes we are the ones that cause the sufferings in another’s life. Sometimes, both.

Through suffering, by grace, we may come to believe that God is good, that all things are from God toward good, to believe that our God is there with us no matter what it looks like or feels like…that He has not only allowed, but designed and permitted our suffering.  During the sufferings we can forget. During our failings, we do forget. During sufferings we have or cause, we do not understand why, other than that God has given or allowed it to be. Seeing someone suffer because of our actions without their retaliation is cause of great sorrow, humiliation … love and gratitude.

When we fail, and we cause another such suffering, it is extremely humbling. When that person turns to the Lord, and gives you the Lord, it is an amazing exhibition of God’s mercy through that person in their suffering. To be loved during a time of causing someone suffering or sadness is amazing. But suffering is never a beautiful thing to see. Causing suffering is far from pleasant. Suffering is not romantic in any sense, but it does not pass without great purpose.

“Suffering” 14″x18″ – Oil

Consider Jesus’ suffering, the Cross our God gives us to experience, the filling up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ by His body; the anguish of Christ, the suffering of and in His body, the humiliation of being sinful and the loss of peace with our Lord.

I am exceeding grateful for what Jesus has suffered and provided for us, as I am grateful for His body that has suffered muchly for me over the years. It never ever is something I want to cause, but is a by-product of what and who I am in my flesh. I do not suffer so gracefully. Lord, have mercy.

It would seem fruitful to explain some of the benefits through the sufferings that the Lord gives us, the results, what He gains, and what He can give to us.  Sometimes I cannot see that part of it, but I know somewhere in there that He does all things for good purpose because He is good. Sometimes in the sufferings, we try hard to remember that, but it turns out to be just something we used to know.

I will love and honor always that someone suffered FOR me, and that they gave me tremendous undeserved love – because they love God.  That is what this painting is about. Someone who suffers FOR me, with a love that cannot be explained.


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