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Struggles Into Sweetness

Sometimes we do struggle, but the struggles turns to sweetness after all.

Although this painting shows some of the struggles, I like what came out of it. It made me very glad that I came out the other side of this painting not only liking the girl, but also the painting. It is much thicker than most I do, as I re-did parts many times. I quit painting it several times, abandoned it, came back and left again. I really thought I had lost this one completely. But then, the Lord gave grace.

Sweetness in Bluebonnets 24"x30" Oil
Sweetness in Bluebonnets
24″x30″ Oil

I began with a vision of a smooth-faced, tender and fragile girl…something that an ultra-realist might accomplish. What came after the struggles was someone I could hug. A rougher painting job, but a lovable person. An impressionistic painting in lovely colors, still capturing the tenderness, innocence, …vulnerability? of a precious person.

This painting was worked from a photograph that I did not take. Her aunt, who loves her very much, wanted this particular view painted from a photo she had. I wanted to please her, and hoped to capture the qualities that made this little one so loved by her.

Some would say the piece has faults. I also thought I could do better, but I couldn’t. The faults became part of what I liked. The painting is what I could do, but as always, we have the next painting started. Always painting, always trying to capture that certain something that speaks to my own heart, but also induces a response from the viewer.




  1. etaxwiz etaxwiz

    Very sweet indeed.

  2. Beautiful painting and journey that you went through to paint her.

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