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Secret Beauty

Walking over a rocky hill and into a wash where no one usually goes, I found a place where the flowers grew so full of glory… wildflowers being their most lovely even where they may never have been seen by human eye…. displaying their beauty in the secret place.  There were several different flowers from where I normally walk, they were like gifts, surprises from God to soothe my soul. This place felt holy, special in a way that only a secret place can be. The mystery, the joy, the delight, the silence, the prayer….


       IMG_3132             IMG_3168

IMG_3163        IMG_3143               IMG_9090         IMG_2543


Even though the sun was sometimes behind the clouds, flowers glowed, as if reflecting a light they had earlier been beholding.





I pray that the secret places in my heart will bloom and satisfy with such pure and unassuming beauty, giving that kind of delight to my God.






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