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Portrait of Love

This portrait of two people, two skin-tones, many colors and much love is finished. Now you can see where “the eye” and color swatches in previous posts came from, and fits within the painting.

Praise the Lord, I am grateful it seems to reflect their souls, that their likenesses were captured as well, and it’s not a bad painting.

The photograph shows the color well, but has some glare from still-wet paint. I don’t suppose I will use clove/almond oil again that much in the background washes, it takes forever to dry.

The willingness and inspiration to paint this portrait brought me back into painting again… it has been awhile. But since finishing this one and awaiting its drying, I have already finished another oil portrait/painting using similar method, color palette and without the excessive use of clove/almond oil. See the previous post, “Sufferings”. I couldn’t post this one until after the couple’s anniversary, it was late to arrive to them.

A Portrait of Love – 20″x30″ – Oil 2017

There is another aspect of creating each time I paint. There is the part where everything looks really bad, possibly never to be redeemed and completed.

In process

But it is the process of creation to have a mess in the middle, it seems. And, in my case, the mess just might become greater and more complex than need be.

However, in this process “it” (the work itself and the process) doesn’t seem very nice. There is pain, struggle, missing the mark, the goal seems unattainable. We walk away thinking there is no hope, only to come back to keep working on it. We have had a view of what we would like to do, but just can’t seem to attain to it. We just keep working, and then things pull together, by Grace… and Love.

I relate this experience to the hope and expectation that our God knows His creation goal IS attainable and promised. He subjected all to futility and vanity in the intention of freeing all things and people into His glory, into finishing us into the image of His Son. What I see in the world sometimes looks very much like a painting in progress without much hope of redemption or beauty. However, my thinking can be false thinking – in line with what I see, but not according to Faith in God. Where my own creating may fail, His does not.

His intention is good, His motive is love, His Being is both, and we can trust that His creating has a perfect consummation. We can trust that, even when we can’t trust, because He is our Trust.

Well, I just found out that the painting arrived, and that they “love it!” !! That is the cherry on the sundae of any creation.



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