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Painting Because of Beauty

Just because I found this little girl beautiful, I had to paint her. There is a sense of wonder fresh in her, precious innocence and joy in discovery. Beauty.

The photo I worked from was one of her mother’s, and her mother most always take photos full of loving her child. Very seldom do I work from another’s resources, and that with permission and not sold. This is one that I am grateful she clicked “like” when the photo appeared on FaceBook, when I said I’d like to take a watercolor from it.


watercolor - 8"x 12" image by Jean Bohlender
watercolor – 8″x 12″ painted by Jean Bohlender


She was painted for no other reason than her own beauty.

I would dearly love to have the pure motive of painting because of beauty every time I paint… a story must be told, someone beautiful must be seen.



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