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One Mural as a New Believer

Only once in my life have I painted a mural (other than advertising). I was in Beaumont, a new believer, and began meeting with some believers who were learning about Grace. I love learning about the Lord’s grace.

They were meeting in a “church building” then,  before we left the organized system to experience Jesus in a close church life. But that is why the walls were there to offer me the chance to paint the murals. Because there were many changes in my life, a brother gave me a room, and a wall to paint, a place to be with the Lord in peace. Occasionally a brother or sister would pop in to say hello, introduce themselves, get to know each other. It was a precious time.



I didn’t know much about God’s Word yet, but this was a time to search it out, to learn. To learn about His promised return on a very basic level, watching the wars and rumors of wars, His return, and the peaceable kingdom. I remember feeling very safe and sheltered in this room, a place to come when I had nowhere else to go because the world was not attractive anymore.



You can tell some of the verses from the picture on the mural, some you can read.

The mural is painted in lettering enamel, gold leaf, aluminum leaf.  I sketched the entire thing with a pencil before painting. The human anatomy on the returning King is primitive, but it works. Even though Jesus in His flesh was a Jew, of course we artists always paint our people after our own kind. It’s not intentional, it just comes out that way. So, this Jesus is very caucasian, like me. All the believers I was meeting with were black, but they assured me that they knew they were black, and I did not have to be “polite” about it. Anyway,  I had to borrow a camera, it wasn’t professional photography, but I was grateful that someone could take these photos for me.



This mural…. some 33 years ago, seems more relevant now than ever. The things given by the Lord’s Spirit don’t age or go away. They ripen. Just like His life in us.



The beginning of the Grandest Adventure… I cannot imagine life at all without having met Jesus and Him saving me.

Praise Him for His Spirit in us. Praise Him for His Word. Praise Him for the Body of believers. Praise Him that He has a “route” in life that we will each follow, because that’s what He gave us. Praise God He will do it all, and we will stand before Him in and through His Son, Jesus Christ.


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