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A New Little Children’s Book Coming

Interfused with all my other activities, I actually have been working in my art by Grace, on a new little children’s book tentatively titled, “The Bunny Circle & The Raven Tree” ©2017 Jean Bohlender. This book is a simple story, telling of the wildlife and plants in this little area of the world…. actually within about 2 square miles of southwest New Mexico – mostly in the springtime. The art work makes up the majority of the book, and the text is very far from major.

Working on the art for this book has been especially enjoyable, as there was no urgency or pressure of any kind, working on it at my leisure. Most of the pages are gently filled with landscape and critters. I’m still considering if I keep the cost down per book by just presenting the story, or by adding a small “encyclopedia” of photographs of the actual animals and wildlife that I have taken over the past 5 years, which will of course increase the cost of printing, especially being in full color. A benefit cost-wise this time around is using a common format size – 8″x10″ – instead of a special 8.5″x8.5″ – as used in Mr. Floppysocks books.

A page from a new little book in progress tentatively titled, “The Bunny Circle & the Raven Tree.” ©2017

At this point, I pause for breath… not out of exhaustion from the painting by any means, but in preparation for the computer work – photoshopping the text, all the steps in between for preparing the PDF, making the book a unit ready for printing. For me it is a shift in universe, another reason of need for abundant Grace.

But, here we go. When it is nearly finished, I will post more.

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