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“New in Town” – Watercolor

As being one “New in Town”, entering the streets of NY City is like diving into a wave of the ocean. One becomes submerged in human life, swirling and pouring over and around you. There is anticipation, inquisitiveness, tiredness, joy, every emotion and thought in the human spectrum. People from all over the world, people sleeping right in the streets, signs and advertising everywhere to pique your interest. Every human being a separate universe and life system separate unto itself, yet merging like a drop of water into the ocean waves.

"New in Town" - Watercolor - Image approx. 12"x10"
“New in Town” – Watercolor – Image approx. 12″x10″

In the watercolor painting “New in Town”, I was part of the surge of the current, approaching and flowing around – it is amazing how aware people are there of each other, yet keeping their own space and staying out of someone else’s. Fluid. Active. Alive. Energetic… like a stream flowing around rocks and obstructions, encountering yet constantly moving with a minimum of offense. In it I saw the surge of humanity through the ages, on a course selected for them, passing through what is meant to be.

“New in Town” follows the swirl from the tall buildings down through the ads and signs to the “creek bottom” – Broadway. The man that I thought was carrying all of his possessions with two suitcases and a back pack seemed warily full of anticipation, not as certain in his direction, as the pregnant lady in the foreground. Both were looking forward to new life in NY. My newness was less permanent, being a first time visitor, but the impressions of NY City are long lasting.

Being there with my daughter made the experience especially do-able and enjoyable for me, and there are many relationships going on in this swirl of humanity. I loved being “New in Town”, for the time I had was very special.



  1. As a native NYer, I love anything NY. You did a great job depicting the theatre district and the crowds.

    • Thanks Carol! New York is amazing, everywhere we went. I’m working on an oil now of the lake in Central Park with the row boats in it. I’d like to do one of Lady Liberty also… that most likely in watercolor.

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