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Love Never Fails

This watercolor is of my friend and her son. They had many happy days together. Then one night he lay down to sleep, and went home with the Lord. Maybe kind of like Enoch, I thought. Enoch walked with God, and then he was not.

My friend talks about the love her son shared with everyone, the joy and happiness he brought into people’s lives just by being there. She smiles at the thought of her 6’3″ son wearing t-shirts with kittens on them. His legacy is that love. His legacy is that joy. His legacy is the fullness of his life.

Watercolor – “Love Never Fails” – I forgot to take a photo before framing, so it has gloss added.

He left behind a mother who loves him very deeply, and she misses him just as deeply. Without the Grace of our Lord, it would be an unbearable loss.

But I have witnessed her over the years turning to the Lord – her strength is Jesus.

I know only the Lord can give or be Peace in our depths. We can pray. While  praying and thinking of her, I used one of her photos to paint this memory of a happy day they had. I pray her heart and mind will be deeply restful. I pray as she travels through the grieving, the Lord richly sustain her.

About love, his legacy… when someone dies, for them it’s like they sleep – soon to awaken. I thought about my husband loving me, when he goes to bed at night, he loves me. When he wakes up in the morning, he still does. That love does not go away because he is sleeping. We will rise again, imperishable and incorruptible. We will meet again in glory. And love. I don’t say good-bye every night, but I mostly do try to say I love you. At my age and older, death is not a far cry – it is something to expect and prepare for…. even though we really cannot imagine living without that other person.

Many times I have struggled with living on this end of things – still on earth; it seems like after death is a relief – and when we are raised we will be changed in a moment… What to do with the pain and anguish of this life time while on earth…the uncertainties in the continuance… both in death and life, we are the Lord’s… In this lifetime and the next, He is all. Out of the Rock that God the Father split for us   gushes   living water. I love Jesus.


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