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In Memory of the Best Friends

I keep looking out the window, looking to see Delilah laying under the cosmos flowers, or in a new hole she dug near the marigolds. In her last days, she loved laying under the tall flowers. She is not there now, and it feels a little less like home. She has been a part of our lives for over 10 years. There is much sadness that comes when our animal friends die. Remembering the times of their lives with us, their love, their loyalty, their friendship. How much they loved their cookies. How they let you fall into them when you were sad, and they give their whole being. Such love! Roosie was a big teddy bear, liking to stay around the house, guarding the home front. Delilah was a might huntress, partly domesticated, a runner. She would follow Jeff for miles on the farm, protecting him, loving him. She would hold her tail straight up, and her ears would jollily jingle as she’d prance in front of us on our walks. Delilah had her queenly attitude, she was not to be trifled with when she felt indignant. But she would soon forget your offense, and come back for more loving. Roosie was my surrogate son, my boy, my buddy. Delilah was my good friend who would wait for me if I’d go somewhere. She would mourn my leaving, and happily greet me at my return. She was mostly my husband’s girl, but she was mine, too.


Delilah – 2004 – 2014  &  Roosevelt – 2007 – 2012

We had several dogs come live with us on the farm. Nina was found in the desert, was always grateful, a sweet girl and friend of my kids. Red came with the farm, a very intelligent and communicative dog who liked to go for rides. Chucky came from a neighbor who moved, he liked living with us. He trained Delilah how to hunt. Delilah taught Roosie, but he would forget he was hunting, and come back to the house for his food. Roosie scared the salesmen who would come to the farm, even though he would never hurt a fly. When we left the farm, we brought Delilah with us, it was a very difficult transition for her, things weren’t the same for her after that. But she did adapt and learn her new territory, remembering to keep the coyotes, skunks and javelinas away.

We have been well loved by our faithful friends. Unless the Lord brings another, we will not have more doggy friends. When I think Delilah would be 70 in doggy years, I’m grateful she had a full, productive and loving life. I’m grateful we got to share a part of our lives with her. Our friends. They were the best.

These are the puppies in the painting below, our beloveds.

American Farmer - 30"x20" - Oil
American Farmer – 30″x20″ – Oil

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