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His Own Man

It’s my son’s birthday.

29 years ago. I remember that day so well, meeting him the first time. He came out hungry, and stayed that way for the next 20 years. When he left home, our grocery bill dropped by half.


2 months old. I paint this when he went to college.
2 months old. I painted this when he went to college.


10 years old. He loved his dog Harry.
10 years old. He loved his dog Harry.

He comes from pretty good stock on both sides. He has qualities like both grandpas – the stubbornness that flip-sides to stability and faithfulness. The brains to figure things out and think things through. Creativity to dream and plan. The fortitude to keep going in the hard times. The knowledge that he can do it along with Grace.

I find a lot of my father in my son. The tilt of the head, the ornery spark in his eyes, the cleverness, the sense of humor. I remember dad’s “blessing” over my son. He said, “He’s pure Swede.”

His own father gave him the gift of work, of honesty, of faith, of provision. His dad is proud of his son. Our son can stand on his own.

At age 4 he understood what sin is, and that he wanted to be freed in Jesus. He had memorized, through the listening of cassette tapes several thousand times, the entire Book of Acts.

Many things happen in between 4 and 29. We gave him what we had to help him on his way to his life, he ran with it, adding much more.

He’s his own man, and has had many adventures and disciplines of his own, adding to what we could invest in him, through God’s grace.

The beginning of life in prepared manhood. 29 – 30 are amazing years.

The blessing is now upon your own household, you and yours. Our parents’ umbrellas are removed, we have our own now… we stand under the Lord’s umbrella. Happy birthday. The Lord be with your spirit.



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