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Hanging Around the House

My guest room is full of family portraits, one bathroom is filled with paintings having to do with the celestials, my studio has black and white drawings and prints, and the living area is on occasion changed according to theme. For awhile I had some of the cowboy paintings hanging, and of course, everything had to work together in a western kind of way.

While reorganizing my painting storage racks the other day, I ran across a quiet painting that hasn’t been shown for a long time. I never thought it was that strong of a piece, and didn’t mind storing it. When I pulled it out this time, I fell in love with it, and realized it had its merits, just as I had fallen in love with the original place in Colorado. It had a tree in it that I liked, along with the house. What a peaceful place to be, and I love spending time with this painting.

Trees and House by Cornfield in Colorado – oil – 16″x20″

Keeping with my practice of hanging art work in my home in themes, I decided to hang paintings that had trees in them.

This field of daisies is a small study for a painting that sold called, “The Field of Prayers”. 8″x8″ Oil

Autumn trees separating two fields, almost in contest with each other, yet peaceful to spend time with.9″x12″ Oil

The shadows on the red shed and the angled tree trunks first attracted me to paint this watercolor, but then it was the apples I liked the best.

The Lit Path 10″x8″ Oil. It was early morning, the sun rose and shined on the daisy field east of this stand of trees.  At the time, the shadows were very important, and the path to the lit field seemed to offer a promise of hope.

I loved the atmosphere it this… the frozen ground in shades of purple, set off by the complementary yellow sky. Cold, yet warm. Frozen, yet alive. 20″x20″ Oil.

A cold view where the snow on the ground ran smooth right across the frozen lake, having no real edges of land and water, sky and earth. 10″x12″ Oil

This little piece was painted plein aire as I enjoyed the view from a picnic table. Oil, 4″x4″.


It is pleasant to dwell “in the trees” for a time, enjoying work that has been stored away. God is so good. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to paint and enjoy.


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