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The Bunny Circle and The Raven Tree!

The Bunny Circle and The Raven Tree is a pleasant little book for children about common animals and plants in Southwest New Mexico. It’s a simple story and can be read aloud or a child or anyone can read it to themselves. Each page is illustrated in watercolor and ink, and there is a photograph section in the back of the book.

The Bunny Circle and The Raven Tree is available in the book tab at in both paperback and kindle edition. It was my first time putting a story onto a kindle. I hope the pictures and script show up well.

It was an unhurried pleasure to put this book together, painting at leisure and simple story about wildlife in my life… the “friends” I see the most of. The book is peaceful and familiar, telling some about the animals and their habits.

I hope you relax, enjoy and maybe learn something about Southwest New Mexico.


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