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Beautiful Girls

Although one of these portraits came from a resource not my own (the girl in the white blouse was painted from a photograph taken by her father, who also possesses the portrait), both girls captured my attention by their character and loveliness.

The first girl, painted in watercolor was a home schooled, very artistic and self-initiating person. She knew a lot for a young person. I was captivated by the depth in her eyes, and her genuineness.

The second girl, painted in oils, is a thinking, interesting girl from a very nice family. Her father is an excellent photographer, and she is learning his skills. I like her, she has substance. I also loved her glorious mane of hair. There is thoughtfulness and kindness in her environment, her mother is a beautiful person.

Portraits are painful for me to paint, it is hard work, but when they speak the person, it feels so good to have worked through it. Lately I’ve been struggling trying to paint, but it will happen by grace at the right time.

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