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Baby Shower Art (& Love)

Preparing for this baby shower took me several months, but it was a worthy investment of time, and love. It’s for my daughter’s and her husband’s first child, and our first grandchild. It has been especially wonderful seeing how she loves her baby, getting to know him before he is born… a beautiful and private unfolding between mother and father, baby and their God.

It is an amazing thing to watch your child bearing a child, remembering the love you have for her as she touches him, changing her life in accord with the new life she is bringing into the world. It is a tremendous blessing knowing she loves her baby, and can handle the requirements of raising him.

Since I have done little else but prepare for the baby shower for some time, I thought to share the artwork made for the invitations now, drawn in pencil on all purpose paper, colored with Prismacolor colored pencils and reproduced by commercial printers in folding invitation format.

Shower invitation ©2017 Jean Bohlender


My daughter’s flowers are lily, iris and daisy. She wanted hippos on her invites, and her puppies reminded me that they did not want to be left out. The bee is there because every flower needs a bee. The designs revealed themselves as we talked, the verses were a Gift.

On front of the invitation, the verse, “For the creation waits in eager anticipation for the children of God to be revealed.” Also, I composed a poem based on Psalm 139 and other verses, reflecting Father God’s heart as we are being made by Him – according to His foreknowledge. He is so good.

Baby shower poster ©2017 Jean Bohlender

The Love of God births us into a new realm, into the Kingdom of the Son of His love. All of creation travails as in birth pangs awaiting the revelation of the sons of God. Now we are sealed IN Him with/by the Holy Spirit… until that day we are revealed…. I like to think that our Father embraces us as my daughter does her forming baby, running His hands over us, holding us close, feeding us well, whispering to us. We hear His heartbeat, His voice, His desires… and yet we are born, weaned and being raised, until we reach the full stature of Jesus… God’s Mystery revealed… Christ in Us, our hope of glory!




  1. Jean, thank you for sharing the gifts that our heavenly Father has instilled in you. Have a blessed day.

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