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An Honest Self Portrait

We paint what is on the outside, but the inside shines louder. Often when painting people, we might find a secret or certain characteristic… and if it isn’t painted, we lose the essence of the person. Recently in an art group, we thought about painting self portraits, inspired by a very clever one by another artist. Mine didn’t turn out at all like his. But it did speak honestly.


An Honest S
An Honest S

Colorful, imperfect, happy… eccentric… that could be me. Oh, wait! It is! Living in a happy environment, growing older and realizing that if anything will work out for good, it is by the Lord’s hand, not mine. After giving up to Him, we get to have more fun.

Recently I authored Mr. Floppysocks is Loved, and realized all the good things I wasn’t were “painted” in the story, but they are a portrait of the grace and life of my Lord. A fun thing is that the drawing and painting are relaxed, it took the edge off… in fact, I can change the outside a little to show some of the inside. I would LOVE to hold the bunny, but he wouldn’t let me. All these critters are, however, in my life daily, along with many others.

So, while the technical skills aren’t that of Beugerot or Zurbaran, perhaps we can have a little more fun.

This is my world, this is me. My second self portrait. Much happier than the first.

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