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Where’d He Go?

The skill of the roper is vital to an efficient work day. This man’s hands are so capable, the ropes dance in his hands. This painting was named by another cowboy, as a little funny. Actually, the calf was already delivered into the hands of the flankers and the rope being wound back into hand.

The heat of the day, the dust in the air, the volumes of animals handled all take their toll, but the accuracy never ended. Cowboys (and their horses) work until the job is finished.


Where'd He Go? - 36"x36" - Oil
Where’d He Go? – 36″x36″ – Oil


If there is a break in the rhythm of the work, most of the men prefer to chat and relax with each other. I especially like how comfortable these two are in their own skins, how masterful they were in their work.


A Little Chat - 30"x20"- Oil
A Little Chat – 30″x20″- Oil


These and other works by Jean Chandanais Bohlender can be inquired about through the Seedboat Gallery in Silver City, NM,


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