"Grace Freely Flowing" - 20"x30" - Oil

There are those euphoric times when a painting flows, when a painter slips into the “zone”, a freedom from everything except losing onesel...

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When a Painting Flows

Close up of "Sweetness in Bluebonnets"

Sometimes we do struggle, but the struggles turns to sweetness after all. Although this painting shows some of the struggles, I like what came out of...

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Struggles Into Sweetness


During the time before the voice of the seventh angel comes the angel with a little scroll… Sometimes we end up doing a “rough draft...

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Angel with a Little Scroll

Central Park - 14"x18" - Oil

It was a sunny day in Central Park, New York City. I loved the people rowing boats, walking, talking. I loved the restfulness within the bustle of th...

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Grace with Central Park

Boy & His Dog

Perceptions, emotions, likenesses… all come into play while working on portraits. I am not a portrait artist, but I do like painting them when s...

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Portraits – Times & Styles