Central Park - 14"x18" - Oil

It was a sunny day in Central Park, New York City. I loved the people rowing boats, walking, talking. I loved the restfulness within the bustle of th...

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Grace with Central Park

Boy & His Dog

Perceptions, emotions, likenesses… all come into play while working on portraits. I am not a portrait artist, but I do like painting them when s...

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Portraits – Times & Styles

Behold He Comes on the Clouds - Watercolor

It’s interesting where myths and legends may come from. Some may have an element of truth. My favorite legendary figure is King Arthur, and over...

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Myths, Legends and Truth

IMG_6643 (1)

Just because I found this little girl beautiful, I had to paint her. There is a sense of wonder fresh in her, precious innocence and joy in discovery....

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Painting Because of Beauty

Mr. Floppysocks is Happy - a very good read

The oil painting of Central Park has been abandoned for the time being. Even though it is a very good beginning, I forgot what I was doing and couldn&...

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Book Coming – Brains Going