Iron Bridge Over the Gila River

There are those euphoric times when a painting flows, when a painter slips into the “zone”, a freedom from everything except losing onesel...

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When a Painting Flows

Close up of "Sweetness in Bluebonnets"

Sometimes we do struggle, but the struggles turns to sweetness after all. Although this painting shows some of the struggles, I like what came out of...

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Struggles Into Sweetness

It's fun to be loved.

Although I have sewn quite a few Raggedy Ann dolls through the years, I have just begun making Mr. Floppysocks Dolls. It is a lot of fun to develop th...

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Making Mr. Floppysocks Dolls


Coming soon, my favorite thus far of the Mr. Floppysocks series, Mr. Floppysocks is Content! shares why we give thanks in all things, why there is an ...

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During the time before the voice of the seventh angel comes the angel with a little scroll… Sometimes we end up doing a “rough draft...

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Angel with a Little Scroll