Meet Rooster Blowhard!
Rooster Blowhard has quite a time in the new book, "Mr. Floppysocks is Loved", on sale now at A free preview copy of the book is available by pressing the "Mr. Floppysocks is Loved" page bar at the top of this home page.
Mr. Floppysocks is Loved Now Available
On sale now! Click on the "Mr. Floppysocks is Loved" page bar at the top of this home page. Review the book, press the link to The Book Patch for purchasing. Enjoy!
Mr. Floppysocks is Happy - a very good read

The oil painting of Central Park has been abandoned for the time being. Even though it is a very good beginning, I forgot what I was doing and couldn&...

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Book Coming – Brains Going


Here is a photo of a 10″x 6″ bottom portion detail of a 48″x36″ painting. This painting has to dry awhile before I can progres...

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The Horror in Love

Sunflower Field - 14"x18" - Oil

Some people ask you if you use projectors to do your work. No, I do not, although I did years ago when I had small children to speed things up some, b...

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How Did You Do That Painting?

Even Henny Hen wondered why Mr. Floppysocks kept a bedraggled beard on his face.

When you are a landscape painter, usually your resources are right in front of you. You can see the sky, the land, the animals… you can record the i...

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Researching for an Art Work

Over the Hill - 24"x18" - Mixed Media

Usually when I’m not sure where I’m at, or where I’m going, or just in a very stopped place artistically, I turn to mixed medias to ...

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Mixed Media, Mixed Emotions


Although one of these portraits came from a resource not my own (the girl in the white blouse was painted from a photograph taken by her father, who a...

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Beautiful Girls


The view from Turkey Creek Rd. outside of Gila NM is stunning. The Gila River is a wonder wherever she flows, but this view is one of my favorites. Th...

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Beauty All Around