Meet Rooster Blowhard!
Rooster Blowhard has quite a time in the new book, "Mr. Floppysocks is Loved", on sale now at A free preview copy of the book is available by pressing the "Mr. Floppysocks is Loved" page bar at the top of this home page.
Mr. Floppysocks is Loved Now Available
On sale now! Click on the "Mr. Floppysocks is Loved" page bar at the top of this home page. Review the book, press the link to The Book Patch for purchasing. Enjoy!

There isn’t much I can say about these two paintings, other than how much I enjoy the people in them, how comfortable they are to be around. It&...

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img004 copy 3

Only once in my life have I painted a mural (other than advertising). I was in Beaumont, a new believer, and began meeting with some believers who wer...

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One Mural as a New Believer


It’s my son’s birthday. 29 years ago. I remember that day so well, meeting him the first time. He came out hungry, and stayed that way for...

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His Own Man

An Honest S

We paint what is on the outside, but the inside shines louder. Often when painting people, we might find a secret or certain characteristic… and if ...

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An Honest Self Portrait

Lady In a Red Dress - Watercolor

A woman in San Antonio at the River Walk, dressed in red. A dark-haired, feminine lady touching her throat in a gesture of quietness, maybe modesty or...

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Lady In a Red Dress

Gathered Neighbors

This happy piece reflects local flavor, and the colors of friendship. I loved how involved each conversation was, as well as the attentive listening a...

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A Gathering of Old Friends

"The Empty Nester" close up. Oil.

When you spend 20 years surrounded by your children and their lives, the closeness, when they leave – it is a tremendous vacuum. It is a wonderf...

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Empty Nester

"Branding On the Moon" - 48" x 60" - Oil

After round up, and roping, the flankers and heelers work hard, holding the calf down while the crew gets to work notching, branding, castrating, vacc...

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Branding On the Moon