The stars shown like a billion pulsating orbs in the dark night. Almost new moon, no distraction of light from natural or manmade sources. This was m...

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Seeking Beauty

Mocha, before becoming a mama

Some of us learn slower than others, I am one of those…. stubborn as a goat at times! Our lives changed rather quickly when we moved here, and the o...

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My Husband’s Goats

There is Love - (Close Up) - 30"x24" - Oil

The first thing you look for when your daughter’s boyfriend calls and says he wants to spend the rest of his life with your daughter, is the pea...

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There is Love

Art Doll - Offering What is Given to Us to the Rest of the World

Me, do my own web site. Yah, when pigs can fly. In an anonymous world of numbers and codes, the internet can seem inhumanly cold, providers and sell...

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Go Ahead, Push the Button!


I keep looking out the window, looking to see Delilah laying under the cosmos flowers, or in a new hole she dug near the marigolds. In her last days, ...

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In Memory of the Best Friends

The County Fair - large watercolor

Agriculture is the backbone of a nation, having one’s own food and water supply is vital. With bigger and larger corporations buying the farms, ...

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The County Fair

Peaceful Grazing - photograph

Always, always I am grateful for the neighbors’ pastures, hearing the lowing and bellowing of their cattle. This is their morning stroll, as the...

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Our Animal Friends